SIMETRI MEALS - Mexican Quinoa

SIMETRI MEALS - Mexican Quinoa

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Packaging: 75 gms in a box (one time meal)

Flavor: Mexican Quinoa

Ingredients:Quinoa, pea protein, tomato, onion, spices & condiments, garlic, sweet corn, refined soybean oil and kidney beans.

Directions Of Use:

Empty the contents of the inner pack into the container. Add boiling water till line. Shut lid for 8 mins. Mix well & Enjoy!

Microwave: Empty the contents of the inner pack into the container. Carefully add water upto the marked line. Loosely cover the container with the lid and microwave for 4 mins. Mix well & Enjoy!

Recommended Usage: For best results, take 1 serve as meal replacement. Suitable for patients with Diabetes, Obesity, PCOS, Cardiovascular disease


  • Reduces glycaemic variability

  • Provides long lasting satiety and hence helpful in weight management

  • Helps in controlling excessive carbohydrate consumption

  • Easy to carry, prepare and consume- handy and hassle-free preparation

  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Simetri meals have been designed according to the American Diabetes Association’s recommendation for carbohydrate intake to provide the right amounts of carbohydrates and protein to your body when consuming a major meal.

The key health benefits of consuming Simetri Meals, especially for diabetic patients, are:

  • Blunting of the postprandial peaks: The added Pea Protein in Simetri meals increase GLP-1 secretion which blunts postprandial peaks.
  • Higher and longer post-meal satiety: Pea Protein provides longer satiety post meal.

What Does it Have?

  • Strictly 45-65 gms of Carbohydrate per meal (as per ADA recommendation for one meal)
  • Enriched with Pea protein (approx. 7- 15 gms)
  • Approx. 5 gm of Fiber
  • Approx. 272- 322 kcal
  • Zero trans-fat
  • Low salt and no added sugar
  • Made with inputs from Chefs and Nutritionists

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