Azpro Chia Seeds for natural weight loss

AZPRO CHIA SEEDS - Organic Super Food

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Packaging: 200gms pack. 10gms measuring scoop included

Ingredients: Salvia Hispanica L Seeds (Chia Seeds)

Directions For Use: Soak 1 scoop of Azpro seeds in one cup (100-150 ml) of water for 20 mins and consume. You can add to milk, fruit juices or any other food

Dosage: 10 to 30 gms a day


  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Modifier packed with nutrients

  • Richest natural source of Omega 3 Fatty acids, Fiber and Protein

  • Higher in calcium, magnesium and iron that any other natural source

  • 100% Vegan and Gluten free

Chia seeds for weight loss are becoming a popular supplement these days. And there is a reason why...

It's completely natural and packed with nutritional elements.

Yes, if you are looking for an excellent weight loss supplement that is rich in vitamins, omega fatty acids and fiber, then Chia seeds by Azpro is the way forward for you.

Over the years, chia seeds are gaining a great deal of popularity as a health supplement that can help you lose weight. But that's not all it can do. Take a look at the image below to see the real health benefits of these wonder seeds.

Azpro chia seeds info

As you can see above, chia seeds contain very little fat but many essential nutrients. Let's look at a gram for gram comparison between chia seeds and some popular foods.

nutri benefits of chia

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have a number of different health benefits. As a part of a healthy diet that is high in fiber and low in fat, chia seeds can help you lose weight. As a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, it can protect your heart and keep your blood vessels healthy. Omega 3 fats also have a property of keeping your joints healthy as well.

Calcium is important in keeping your bones and your teeth strong. So getting the right amount of calcium in your diet regularly is important. Chia seeds contain 6 times more calcium than milk, so make sure you scoff down a serving or two of this wonder seed every day.

Can people with diabetes take chia seeds? Yes!

Given the high fiber content, chia seeds eaten every day can prevent your blood sugar from spiking and can keep your diabetes under control.

lifestyle modifier chia seeds

Chia seeds are best eaten after they have been soaked for a while. A great way to enjoy them every day is to add them to your favourite cold beverage. Our favourite is lemon sherbet with chia seeds! Give it a try and see how refreshing and healthy it is!

Whether you are using chia seeds for weight loss, or just want a great health supplement, then try out our chia seeds today.

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