Ceeplus Immunity Booster against Corona Covid virus with Vitamin C. vitamin D and zinc

CEEPLUS- Immunity Booster (Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc) Tablets

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Packaging: Bottle of 30 tablets

Ingredients: Vitamin-C 1000 mg, Vitamin-D3 2000 IU and Zinc 15 mg

Dosage: 1 tablet a day


  • Prevents effusion of COVID virus into the respiratory system

  • Helps inhibit cytokine-induced damage in the lungs

  • Enhances innate immune systems and protects respiratory cells from becoming over-reactive

  • Boosts immunity  and prevents disease progression

  • Suitable for vegetarians


Ceeplus is a proprietary blend of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, in perfect proportions to boost your immunity.

Time and again, vitamin C has been shown in multiple clinical studies to help fight off the common cold and reduce throat infections. Recent data also suggests that vitamin C helps build immunity against COVID infections.

However, we do not get enough in our diet. Ceeplus helps you get the right dose.

Vitamin D is an essential bone nutrient, but along with vitamin C, it works like a best friend, making your immune system powerful.

Zinc in Ceeplus is also a proven immune system boosting champion. 

With all of these together in one tablet, Ceeplus immunity booster tablets can help you power up your immunity. This helps your body fight the worst of infections.

Ceeplus is suitable for vegetarians. The recommended dose is 1 tablet a day after meals, or as recommended by your physician. It is a nutraceutical grade product.

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