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BIOVIT WOMAN - Health Supplement For Women

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Biovit Woman is designed specifically as a health supplement for women. Packed with natural ingredients with numerous benefits, this is the ideal supplement for all women.

It is also an excellent women's health supplement if you are over 50 years of age.

Let's see why.

Benefits of BIovit Woman

Best Health Supplement For Women - Biovit Woman

There is a reason why Biovit Woman has a reputation. This is because it contains some of the purest ingredients for health, including

1. Evening primrose oil - Protects the bones

2. Citrus Flavonoids - Natural antioxidant that keeps the blood healthy and boosts immunity.

3. Green tea extract - Anti-oxidant rich compound that can help lose weight and improve memory.

4. Powdered wheat germ oil - Lowers bad cholesterol levels and improves heart health.

5. Piperine - A product of black pepper. Elevates mood and fights obesity.

6. Lycopene - Fights free radicals and prevents chemicals induced damage to the body. Anti-cancer properties and prevent breast, ovarian and uterine cancer.

7. Multivitamins - Boost energy and power up normal physiological processes.

It is not just a multivitamin supplement for women. It is a lot more than that!

 Evening Primrose Oil

This oil is derived from the Evening Primrose plant this is native to South America.

The oil has benefits in the treatment of skin problems (eczema), psoriasis, acne, bone thinning (osteoporosis) and in diabetes related nerve damage.

However, most of the clinical evidence suggests that its best use is in keeping bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis. Bone thinning is a common problem in women after menopause and can increase the chance of fractures.

The evening primrose oil in Biovit Woman can protect bones, especially when taken with calcium tablets.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

These are biologically active plant-derived compounds called flavonoids.

Flavonoids are anti-oxidants that are sometimes called 'vitamin P'. Citrus bioflavonoids are derived from citrus fruits that are high in vitamin C.

These compounds exert a protective effect on blood circulation and can boost immunity, reducing the chance of developing common infections.

Some studies have even shown that bioflavonoids can lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar control.


Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the body from harmful free radicals. Lycopene can fight chemicals that are present in food and can also prevent damage to cells from monosodium glutamate (MSG), a common additive to food.

Lycopene has the ability to fight common fungal infections that are common in women. In addition, it has powerful cancer fighting properties.

The lycopene in Biovit woman can also fight heart disease and preserve brain health. This makes it one of the best women's health supplements.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a well known health supplement that has a number of different beneficial properties.

Green tea extract in Biovit Woman has been found to lower cholesterol and improve memory in women.

Studies have also found that green tea can help lose weight and burn calories.

The green tea extract in Biovit Woman makes it the best health supplement for women.

Powdered Wheat Germ

Wheat germ in it's powdered form is a powerful heart protective agent. Vitamin E that is present in wheat germ has anti-ageing effects and can improve skin health in eczema, psoriasis and sunburn.

Wheat germ also contains folic acid which could play a role in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes.


Piperine is a derivative of black pepper. It has been shown to burn fat and help manage obesity. As a mood elevator, it can help combat depression as well.

How To Take Biovit Woman

Take one capsule per day, or as advised by your physician.

Always check with your physician before taking any supplements.

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