BIOVIT JUNIOR health supplement for kids

BIOVIT JUNIOR - Health Supplement For Children

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Packaging: 200 gms Jar

Flavour: Chocolate

Ingredients: Milk Solids, Hydrolysed Corn Starch, Sucrose, Malt Extract, Whey Protein Concentrate, Vegetable Oil, DHA Rich Algal Oil, GLA Rich Evening Primrose Oil, VItamins, Minerals and Permitted Anti-oxidants.

Directions For Use: Add 3 tablespoons of Biovit Junior to hot/cold water or milk. Stir well and consume

Recommended Dosage: 1 Serve twice daily.

Recommended Age Group : 2-10 yrs


  • Unique health supplement designed for healthy development 
  • High colostrum content boosts immunity and helps combat infections
  • Whey protein builds muscles and bones and increases strength
  • DHA helps improve memory and brain development

 Looking for the ideal health supplement for children? Then Biovit Junior should be your best choice.

Biovit Junior is a specially formulated nutritional supplement for children between 2 to 10 years of age that contains all the essential nutrients for their healthy growth and development.

These days, kids often come down with coughs and colds that make them miss their schools and stay in bed. Many times, this is because of low immunity and the inability of their body to fight infections.

This is where finding the best health supplement for children is extremely important. It should be safe, tasty and extremely effects.

Enter Biovit Junior. An amazing health supplement that will power up your child's immunity and energy levels and help with their growth.

What Does Biovit Junior Health Supplement For Kids Contain?

This is not just another multivitamin for kids. Biovit Junior is UNIQUE.

It contains colostrum - the essential immunity boosting element that is normally found in breast milk. Colostrum can help fight common illnesses and strengthen up infection fighting immune cells.

Besides this, it also contains Docosahexaenoic acid (or DHA) - a powerful omega 3 essential fatty acid that powers up brain development and improves memory. And yes, this is clinically proven!

Whey protein provides bone and muscle building nutrients that can make your child stronger and more energetic.

These are just some of the properties that make this the best health supplement for kids.

Looking for an adult health supplement? Check out Biovit protein powder.

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