Ceeplus - Boosting Your Immunity With Vitamins And Zinc

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Over the last few months, we have faced a crisis like no other. The COVID-19 virus has affected millions, and over 6 lakh people have died.

One problem that is a common factor between most people who either contracted the infection or succumbed to it is low immunity.

Boosting your immunity could lower your chances of picking up the COVID infection.

Ways To Improve Immunity Naturally

Naturally building up immunity can be a hard thing to do. Getting the right proportions of fruits, vegetables and proteins are essential.

Three primary nutrients that are needed to boost immunity include vitamin C, D and Zinc.

Clinical trials have found that vitamin C can lower one's chances of picking up the common cold. Similarly, it is effective in boosting immunity against the COVID infection as well. The best sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits.

Vitamin D, a vitamin that is primarily involved in keeping your bones and teeth healthy, also has a role in the natural immune response. On the surface of your immune cells are receptors for vitamin D. These get activated when the right amount of vitamin D is present in the body. This activation drums up a response that can fight infections off effectively.

Finally, zinc is a powerful essential nutrient that helps the immune cells called T helper cells function normally.

Getting The Right Doses - Using Ceeplus

Not every one can get the right dose of these vitamins. Ceeplus is a perfect blend of vitamin C, D and zinc - all of which could boost your immunity against the COVID infection.

Ceeplus is suitable for vegetarians. It is a popular supplement amongst most of the population in India at the moment.

If you wish to learn more about Ceeplus - take a look here.

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