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Protein supplements – ever thought about using one? Are you undecided when it comes to choosing protein supplements that will keep you healthy?

Many of us may be eating what we think is a healthy diet, but often we just do not ingest sufficient amount of proteins. Our body needs 0.8 gms of protein per kilogram of body weight, and eating this much can be hard sometimes.

For this reasons, protein powders such as Provexia and D-manage now provide high quality protein in easily digestible forms. Bodybuilders use higher protein concentration powders to build their muscles.

This makes it easy to get the protein our body needs, keeping the muscles, joints and other tissues healthy. But before you buy your supplement, make sure you look out for a few things.

3 Things To Look For Before Buying Protein Supplements

Before you buy protein supplements, make sure you check out the following:

Biological Value

What is the biological value of a protein?

Biological value of proteins is a term that is used to describe the availability of protein once the food has been digested.

In other words, it describes the quantity of protein available to the tissues, vital organs and muscles once the protein food has been digested and broken down into amino acids. It is a ‘good protein’ quality measure.

Biological value varies depending on the source of protein. The ideal value would be 100, which means that 100% of the protein consumed is available to nourish the tissues.

So what do you look for here? Choose a protein supplement that has a high bio-available protein such as whey, milk (casein) or soy protein.

Protein Efficiency Ratio

This is a measure of the effectiveness of protein in stimulating growth.

It is assessed through clinical studies conducted on animals. The animals are fed different kinds of proteins, and their growth is assessed in terms of weight gained in grams per gram of protein consumed.

A value that exceeds 2.7 is considered an excellent source of protein.

Use the table below to decide which is the best protein supplement for you.

There are other measures such as net protein utilization, and for the reasons of keeping this article simple, we have not gone into too much detail regarding it.

Corrected Amino Acid Score

This is considered by the WHO as the best way to assess how good a protein is for you. Proteins that have a score of 1.00 are considered the highest quality protein for humans.

The table below will give you a good idea about the best proteins that have high bio-availability and protein efficiency ratio.

As you can see, the best proteins are egg, soy, whey and milk proteins (casein).

Choosing The Right Supplement

If you wish to take a protein supplement, then make sure you take a look at the ingredients well before you purchase it.

First, check the type of protein used in the supplement. Most protein supplements use whey, milk and soy protein, as these have excellent biological value. Some may use animal protein, so you may want to avoid these if you are vegetarian.

Supplement like Provexia and D-manage are rich in milk protein, soy protein and whey protein. These are the proteins with highest biological value (as you have seen above). Regular consumption of these supplements is recommended for –

1. Those recovering from an illness

2. Those looking for increased strength and energy

3. Those looking to maintain a good health

Choose the right protein, and it is easy for you to keep your bones strong and muscles fit and healthy.


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